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United Service Association For Health Care (USA+) is a non-profit corporation chartered in Washington, D.C., in 1983. The organization was formed to promote the adoption of equitable health care policy in the United States, engage in nonpartisan research, study and analysis for the benefit of the general public regarding the health care system of the United States and on occasion; publish the results of our research. USA+ is committed to:

  • The promotion of equal access to health care for all Americans.
  • Assisting charitable, educational and social welfare organizations through the USA+ Foundation.
  • Providing educational assistance to high school seniors that show promise of continued academic performance in medical related fields.
  • Financial assistance for members who lose their job through economic downturns or through no fault of their own.

In November of 1987, the USA+ Membership program became one of the first group association Benefit Programs set up to provide the small business owner, his family and employees with a quality benefits package previously available only to employees of large corporations. Through the power of its national membership, USA+ is able to bring a comprehensive line of benefits to individuals, families and business owners by leveraging its high-volume buying power.

We are in the business of offering the best products and services on the market.

We look forward to the opportunity to service your individual needs promptly, personally and dependably.

United Service Association For Health Care