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Facebook Pages
Facebook Pages

Facebook Pages

Nowadays it is impossible for people not to have social media. Although not everyone uses it to post something, having social media is certainly possible because social media is a substitute for television. For this reason, social media is now very ingrained, it can be seen almost every day and every time there are lots of people who focus more on cellphones. Many also use social media as a place to vent or even sell. And the Facebook pages is one of them.

Social media in various places is very important for sellers, so those of you who have Facebook or whatever must be used to the maximum. Especially now that Facebook pages are accessible for those of you who are really going to do business buying and selling on Facebook. Facebook pages are Facebook pages that are very supportive for your business. The benefits that you will get if you use Facebook pages are certainly unexpected.

Opportunity to start earning on Facebook

Xanaxdhl – Facebook Pages are already known by many people so business developers definitely use them. There are no hard reasons for business developers. Because through social media you can get new customer opportunities every day. So those of you who are still beginners in selling can use Facebook pages as a career start and experience unexpected income opportunities. Here’s how you have to do if you create a facebook page

1.Creating a Facebook Page

The beginning in creating a Facebook page is that you log into your Facebook account and then you go to the bottom rightmost symbol. After that there will be an option Create Page. After you click then you must agree to all the policies of facebook. Next there is a choice of categories. Choose a Category that suits you or is almost similar. Don’t forget to choose a Facebook Page name. Choosing a name on a Facebook page is usually related to your sales. Make sure the name you make can be remembered by many people.

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2.Facebook Page Description

The Facebook Page will have the same things as filling in your name, profile photo and other things related to your business. After you fill in everything it will be posted directly on the Facebook page automatically. When you will fill in your personal data on Facebook pages, make sure all your logos or names are easily remembered by people who see them. The most important thing in posting photos is to use the right size, so that your photos are not cropped. You have done all the steps then you add facebook to favorites. The function of adding favorites is to make it easier for people to access your page on personal facebook. In doing the description there is also an audience that you have to set to choose who will watch and at what age will watch your facebook page.

3.Set Cover Page

In Facebook pages, so that your product gets noticed by many people, make sure to provide photos on the cover of the Facebook pages in an attractive way. The size of the cover page is 851×315 pixels. If you do not have the quality to provide photos on Facebook page. Maybe you can pay someone to make your Facebook page photo the best. Graphic design services are indispensable, so you don’t have to hesitate to use them.

4.Creating Status

Not only the homepage of a personal facebook account that can create a status. But your Facebook page should update the status at the beginning so that people who read it are interested. Having a status will invite viewers to like your page.