Power star

Power stars
Power stars

Power star novomatic

Join again in novomatic with exciting games that can make you addicted and want to keep playing without stopping. Novomatic is well known for its exciting games with high values. Novomatic also continues to develop great games for gamers to play. Power stars is one of the classic games that was developed and became a game that is liked by many gamers.

The presence of this power stars game really triggers curiosity and fun. From the wins that gamers get, there are so many that can be played. Starting from the number of symbols and free spins, gamers can get it easily in the Power Stars game. Games that have fruit symbols will give gamers a win with unexpected values.

The presence of free spins

Xanaxdhl – Enjoy a game that has 5 beautiful reels with cute symbols. In accordance with the game’s theme which has a red base color filled with fire that burns when getting the same symbol value. Unlike the previous classic games, you don’t get free spins, while in the Power Stars game, gamers will get free spins, which gives so many advantages.

Each symbol value will form a win on a different side. But in power stars on either side will give value. There are 2 sides that are ready to help gamers win, those sides are left to right and right to left. With the formation of the direction of the gamer’s value, getting the opportunity to win is easy. There are 10 winning values ​​that gamers can get in power stars.

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Game symbols and free spins

How to play the power stars game is very easy so gamers don’t have to worry. The symbols available in the Power Stars game are: sweet and fresh fruits such as lemons, watermelons, oranges, plums, cherries, and grapes. And there are also additional symbols of the star, the number 7 and the bell. The most exciting thing when playing this game is when gamers manage to get stars.

Get stars in any position in the power stars game. The presence of stars will expand in 1 roll. Not only expanded symbols that gamers get but gamers also get free spins. One expanding star gets 1 free spin. If there are more stars, the free spins will be added again.

Additional game play

The more star symbols, the value that gamers will get, the higher the value that gamers will get. Also enjoy the games available in the power stars game. A game that can increase the value of gamers more quickly. Just below the game screen on the right there is a gamble button.

Gamble is an additional type of game that uses value bets from game credits. Guess the color behind the black or red card. Use gamers luck to guess the color so you don’t get it wrong. If the guess is correct, it will bring gamers to win quickly and get lots of coins. The bet value will be doubled and added to the game credit value.

Don’t get it wrong because if it’s wrong the gamer’s bet value will be forfeited and not get a value. Gamers can use mobile phones to play power stars games. Even though it can be played on a cellphone, it doesn’t mean that the Power Stars game can be downloaded. Because games from novomatic this time can only be played through the website so gamers can’t download games.